Couples Making Passionate Love

The passionate feelings wane as with the passing of time in marriages. There many easy ways, however, to rekindle and sustain it throughout the partnership.

It is seldom for people to marry without passion. It is the primary reason that binds the two together. Passion and romance are the essential expressions of love and are mostly the reasons why men or women decide to bind their lives together for better or for worse.

The sexual chemistry among couples has a lot to do with the marital bliss they enjoy. Of course, it is important that they are compatible in other aspects as well but a healthy sexual relationship is helpful in reducing differences into levels where couples can easily deal with them. It is more difficult for couples to adjust with one another when passion has been taken out of the equation because suddenly incompatibilities occupy a central role in the marriage.

An unfortunate phase in a married life is when couples can no longer express their love physically and their bonds tend to become weaker and is further weakened by the stress related to incompatibilities.

With this said, it is important for couples to seek ways in keeping the partnership alive. It is natural for sex life to taper down after years of being together. Yet psychologists tell us that sexual relationships is much better and even more satisfying from ages 40 to 60 years of age. Obviously with the rate of couples seeking counseling to repair tattered relationships, this is not true for many couples. There are many ways to maintain passion in marriage.

Here are a few tips for rekindling and maintaining a passionate marriage. First is to set an appropriate atmosphere. Equating making love to sex is a mistake. Making love is much more involved. It means building up an appropriate atmosphere.

Marriage counselors suggest that making love starts from the time a couple open their eyes in the morning. A gentle touch, a caress and spoken words of love are intimate acts that set a tone, create electricity between the couple that results to a spontaneous and thus more satisfying love making later on.

Keep trim and fit. Part of a healthy married sex life is physical conditioning that keeps you trim and fit all the time. When one is always tired and spent from the hectic activities related to work or housekeeping, love making is farthest from the minds of one or two of the partners. However, as much they would like to make love, their bodies cannot respond which lead to of times of dissatisfaction. One of the ways then to maintain a passionate marriage is to keep fit through exercise.

Set aside time for renewing the ties. When children come, it is natural for couples to have less time for one another. There is work to keep food on the table, ensure education of the children, a house mortgage to pay, housekeeping, etc. Eventually couples drift apart, there is less time to talk and express a well as sustain the feelings that previously held them together. A vacation where couples can be alone to rekindle the intimacy and passion in the marriage is definitely a must.

If a vacation is out of question, just must find ways to have at least adequate time for yourselves once in a while. Alone time is very important. They can resort to dating once again. Doing the things they used to enjoy early in the relationships is a good way to rekindle passion in the marriage.

Communication is very important. You are each other’s strength and there is nothing you cannot handle enough without the other’s support. So whatever it is that it is bugging you, you can always talk it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

    It's Valentines Day. All the couples are making Hot, Passionate Love and we are aksing?
    questions on the computer. Are we a bunch of sorry, loney, losers that do not deserve to make love to anyone on Valentines Day. (Boy, we are a bunch of pathetic, sorry losers.)

    • ANSWER:
      Just cuz we're married or coupled doesn't mean that we're getting some. It's lonley here too.

    Wild, Passionate Love (last one for the day)?
    There was this Jamaican married couple who were happily married for 15 years with a 14 year old son, a 8 year old son, and a 3 year old
    daughter. Their sex lives were the greatest - five nights a week they would make mad, wild, passionate love. The only problem was the husband had a complex about having to make love with all the lights on.
    The wife decided one day that she was going to help him break out of this bad habit. She got all sexied up. The husband comes home and shortly after they are making mad, wild, and passionate love. Suddenly, the wife remembers that she is supposed to help him get over needing to make love in the dark and without losing a beat turns the light on. She looks between her legs and sees this huge humanlike vibrator with thick veins in her husbands hands. She gets hysterical and starts hitting him and cursing him, saying you got some explaining to do mister.
    The husband calmly says "ok, ok, I'll explain the vibrator if you can EXPLAIN THE THREE KIDS!!!!"

    • ANSWER:
      didnt expect that one! star for u

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    doing things alone makes me sad because i am aware of being alone and wishes i wasn't?
    doing things alone makes me sad because i am aware of being alone and wishing i wasn't doing them alone. For instance, going out to listen to a live band (all the people I asked to join me were too tired) or even listening to sad music in my car, or listening to a couple making passionate love upstairs above my bedroom at 10pm. (I'm glad some people are having a great time- maybe it's meant to be for them.) But I can't make things happen that aren't suppose to happen or aren't meant to be. So I just have to sit and be sad or jealous? then because any action brought by sadness or loneliness tends to have some wrong element behind it. I know it's not all about me. But sometimes it seems that way.

    • ANSWER:
      I used to hate being alone, everything I did was just me. I also would compare other people that were together, with me, and get more depressed, then I realized, why am I so sad. The trick is to learn to be happy with yourself being alone, and that takes time, but when you reach that point, then everything will change, and you will have friends, or whatever you desire. Find a nice quiet place, where you can gather your thoughts, and relax, breath, enjoy nature, be happy you are alive, and when you are happy, other people become happy, as they feel your energy. No worries, You will find what you are looking for. Just , do not give up.

    The BREAK - a naughty joke early i di mrng, c how is it?
    A truck driver came upon a couple making passionate love in the middle of the road.

    He blew his horn, blinked his lights and yet the couple never missed a stroke! The driver stopped, got out and shouted at them, "Are you crazy, didn't you here my horn, see my lights, didn't you know I was coming?"

    The horny young man said, "Yes, I knew you were coming! I knew she was coming and I knew I was coming! I also knew you were the only one here with brakes!"
    LOL Lamada I will try sometime in the highway
    Anna i gave u 20 points y-dy

    • ANSWER:
      *grin* funny (I can't LMAO cause I'm in the office...)

    how to make passionate love with my wife again.
    How do you get back the sexual energy you had when you were younger. I am 30, my wife is 25. We have one beautiful 7 yr old daughter, and another on the way.

    When we were younger, only like five years ago we could make exciting passionate love all nite long, like 9 times a week sometimes, but the past couple years, it hasn't been the same as when we were like 24 and 19. She says I've gottne boring, and need to spice our love life up again.
    She thinks i am not attracted to her anymore, which I am. she is a very beautiful petite ll woman, any man would love.
    I planned for a weekend away to a cabin just the two of us.

    Also, she knows I love it when she wears her lil nity's, or one of my t-hsirts which barely cover her smooth tthighs, which she did when she was younger. she doesn't do that anymore though.
    jld522, I wasn't talking about just taking care of me, and yes I do get it.

    I was perfectly fine with our love life. She is the one who wants alot more of it, and wants more passionate love making. I am trying to lo ask advice, tips on how to make it better for her.

    • ANSWER:
      It's like the hokie pokie. You put your right foot in and take your right foot out, you do the hokie - pokie and you shake it all about.

      There must be something wrong with you OR your related to John Edwards. Boogie in the kitchen, boogie in the hall, if you get some on your finger, wipe it on the wall.

      Just try new stuff man. XXX movies, the Joy of Sex by Dr. Comfort anything available to you. Try it.

      I would have felt really bad if my wife told me that when I was 30 (a million years ago).

couples making passionate love

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